Nadya Degrande

HR Specialist

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, USA, Nadya DeGrande has completed her BA degree in Business Administration with a minor in Strategic Marketing at WSU.  She then started her Human Resources career at Attbar, Inc., and continued in the HR field throughout her subsequent employments to date, including public and private entities.

Nadya and her husband enjoy many outdoor activities such as diving, hunting rifle, shotgun, archery, fishing, hiking, camping, regional travel, forest foraging (eg. berries and mushrooms), wood working, and on the “cosmopolitan” end of their hobbies – beer and wine tasting trips and day-excursions. They also have two German Sheppard dogs and a flock of hens.

Nadya and her family have lived in Woodland, WA since 1992 (about a mile from the Grist Mill) and enjoy the work that entails owning acreage, including an orchard and large vegetable gardening.  She always dreamed of living in the country. Her paternal grandfather had beautiful acreage in the central hills of Puerto Rico and he settled there after retiring.  She enjoyed weekends and summer weeks there helping him with the orchards of all sorts of tropical fruits and caring for the animals, including the best honey she has ever tasted.