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Industrial Training InternationalJan 29, 2024 10:45:11 AM2 min read

How to Obtain an NCCCO Certification | Woodland WA | Pasadena TX


NCCCO certification is a mark of professionalism and dedication in crane operations. Industrial Training International provides the in-person and virtual training you need to obtain rigging certifications, tower crane certifications, and more.

How it Works

To obtain an NCCCO Certification, candidates must first choose the specific certification they are pursuing, such as Lift Director, Rigger, Tower Crane Operator, or Inspector. They then need to prepare for and successfully pass the relevant written exams associated with their chosen domain. This involves enrolling in virtual or in-person preparatory courses offered by accredited institutions like ITI.

Following the written exams, a practical examination is usually required, where candidates demonstrate their skills in real-world scenarios. After passing both the written and practical tests, candidates are awarded their NCCCO Certification.

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Certifications to Consider

NCCCO Lift Director Certification

The process takes time for those interested in the Lift Director Certification, but it is well worth it. Here are the steps involved:

1. Initial Assessment: First, determine if you hold any NCCCO Certifications. If you don't, that's perfectly alright. If you do, you may be able to skip some steps.

2. Written Exams: If you still need to pass NCCCO certification, you'll need to prepare for the NCCCO written exams. This entails training for the Rigger II and Mobile Crane Operator examinations.

3. Specialty Examinations: Once you have the core certifications, you must choose from several available specialty areas. Note that the "Tower Crane Lift Director Certification" requires passing the written Tower Crane Operator NCCCO exam.

4. Final Examination: After passing the requisite written exams and specialty exams, you'll get prepared specifically for the NCCCO Lift Director exams.

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Rigging Certifications

Rigging certifications online go into the art and science of safely attaching and moving heavy objects with cranes or hoists. The certification ensures that riggers have the expertise to select, inspect, and use rigging equipment optimally and securely.

Tower Crane Certification

Tower crane certification training covers all the essentials for individuals interested in tower crane operations. Candidates become familiar with the intricacies of high-rise crane operations, focusing on safety measures and technical proficiency.

Inspector Certification

The inspector certification is vital for anyone who wants to focus on overseeing crane operations. Candidates are equipped with the knowledge to assess equipment conditions, verify compliance with regulations, and ensure operational safety.


Training Modes: Virtual and In-Person

Whether you're preparing for the rigging certification online or the in-person tower crane certification, ITI can accommodate both. Virtual training allows flexibility, whereas in-person sessions offer hands-on experience; you’ll be well prepared for whatever you choose.

Take the Next Step

With ITI’s dedicated training pathways and in-person and virtual learning options, getting your NCCCO certification is a goal you can reach. To explore more and take a step towards getting your certification visit:

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