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Industrial Training InternationalDec 6, 2023 10:55:26 AM2 min read

Exploring Types of Crane Training | Woodland WA | Pasadena TX

Operating a crane takes experience, skill, and precision. To perform this job successfully, crane operators must undergo thorough and quality crane operating training courses. Because there are so many aspects involved with working on, around, and with cranes, there are also different types of training courses, including crane inspection training, crane operator training, ITI crane technician and maintenance training, and even training with a VR simulator to enhance the learning experience.




ITI Crane Operator Training and Other Crane Safety Courses

Crane training courses are designed to educate and inform employees who will be operating, inspecting, and working with different types of cranes. These training classes can promote job site safety and serve as valuable resources to help train beginners, intermediates, and experts to safely master the necessary skills to operate and inspect cranes and advance their careers.

Crane Operator Training

Crane operator training includes options for crane operators of all skill and experience levels. It provides the necessary resources and training for operators of mobile and stationary cranes, including boom trucks, carry deck, rough terrain, crawlers, overhead, articulating, boom, pedestal, and tower cranes.

These training options can meet the needs of those with a variety of skillsets and mobile crane seat time so that they can learn about the safety requirements necessary to operate a crane. There are also training options for qualified operators to improve their skills and knowledge. We offer the following operator training courses:

  • Overhead crane operator
  • Pedestal crane training
  • Boom truck operator training
  • Mobile crane operator - Initial training
  • Mobile crane operator - Qualified training
  • Carry deck operator training


Crane Inspection Training

These training courses promote a safe work environment and educate participants about what to look for when inspecting cranes to ensure they're in the best working order. They'll help inspectors spot problems and identify damage. The following are the courses we offer:

  • Pedestal crane inspector training
  • Tower crane safety and inspection
  • Mobile crane inspector for qualified participants
  • Overhead crane inspector for qualified participants


Crane Technician and Maintenance Training

The ITI Crane Technician and Maintenance Training courses provide crane technicians with the necessary resources to move from beginner to advanced. These training courses can train beginners, intermediate, and master crane technicians. Available options are:

  • Tower crane safety and inspection
  • Overhead crane technician training - Level One
  • Overhead crane technician intermediate - Level Two

With the right training, you can create a safe workplace environment and provide your employees with the resources and information they need to keep themselves and those around them safe while working with cranes. If you want more details about our available training options, including VR Crane Sim solutions you can visit

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Industrial Training International (ITI) is a global leader in the design and delivery of learning solutions for organizations conducting crane, rigging, and load handling activities. Founded in 1986, the company originally specialized in instructor-led training, field services, and consulting. ITI has since grown to also produce live online, and on-demand courses delivered via the ITI Learning Hub and has been recognized with numerous industry association awards for its groundbreaking virtual reality crane and equipment simulations solution. For more information, visit:


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