ITI Lift Planning Bootcamp

ITI Lift Planning Bootcamp

0.8 CEUs | 1 Days | $495
ITI Management Bootcamp Courses are hard hitting, highly focused sessions specifically designed for management/supervisory personnel in the load handling industry. 

The Lift Planning Bootcamp focuses on the process of planning a lift, and the baseline knowledge required to do so according to best practices. Attendees will begin their day focusing on rigging applications, crane load charts, and ASME P30 Standards; and culminates with a lift planning workshop where a complete lift plan is developed.

Course Subjects

  • Advanced Rigging Foundations
  • Mobile Cranes & Load Charts
  • ASME P30 Lift Planning Standards
  • Multi-Crane Lifts
  • Lift Plan Development
  • Compressor Module - Critical Lift Plan
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