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Image: Three "special investigators" caught walking the job site ahead of a recent Master Rigger Course at the ITI Woodland Training Center.

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Will Your Rigging Pass Inspection?

A few questions for the rigger to ponder:

- Do you go to bed at night with complete certainty that the rigging gear and hardware used at your site will pass inspection?

- Is a daily inspection being conducted for damage or defects?

- Do you know the removal criteria for wire rope, synthetics, alloy chain, roundslings and hardware?



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4 Reasons Virtual Reality (VR) Should Be Part of Your Training Plan


It wasn't that long ago that virtual reality (VR), was nothing more than Hollywood science fiction. Movies like Tron, The Matrix Trilogy, Total Recall, and Minority Report all feature VR technology as an essential plot device. Well, it turns out that Hollywood knew what it was doing, because VR is here!



8 Vessel Upending Techniques for Lift Planners & Rigging Engineers

When upending a vessel or similar load, there are a number of options commonly available. A lift planner or rigging engineer must decide how best to lift the head of the load as well as the tail.  The head can be lifted with cranes (various types), strand jacks, gantries (telescoping and fixed), climbing jack systems and so on. Similarly, tailing options include nearly all of the above, as well as trailers and skid mounted tilt-up frames. Any time multiple cranes (or load handling equipment) are used to lift a load, the planning and operation becomes more involved as the likelihood for human and equipment error is increased with additional people and equipment involved. 



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From the Bookstore

Rigging a load is not academic. It’s real work with real consequences. Rigging training should be just as real with hands-on experience and tangible results.

That’s what ITI Model Rigging Training Kit by TactiLearning gives you: functional models of the same screw pin shackles, swivel hoist rings, spreader bars, slings and master links that are on the job site for better, longer-lasting understanding of what matters most for keeping the work site safe and projects moving forward.



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