New Crane Sim Hardware & Launcher, Enhanced Scoring - Q2-22 Release Note

New VR Crane Simulator Hardware Support, Enhanced Scoring Functionality, New Launcher Highlight version 1.9

Headline Features

1. Added support for new VR Headset! (crisper, more durable, etc.)

2. Exam style scoring [allowing for multiple scenarios to be combined into a single exam]

3. Added NCCCO free-practice mode without tutorials

4. Added support for continuing progress between sessions

5. Improved VR calibration, including: easy position nudging, per site default positions, and instant recenter.

6. Added Bellybox support to charge bucket, and ladle scenarios

Notable Features

  • Fixed previously started scenarios showing “locked” in main menu
  • Added scenario failure reason to user session reports
  • Added support for skipping tutorials
  • Removed "hoist down" phrasing
  • Revised Polar Crane lighting
    Polar Crane Lighting Before-After
  • Added support for analog coil-grabber movement on Belly Box
  • Miscellaneous NCCCO improvements

Fine Print Fixes & Enhancements

  • Fixed issue preventing Tadano Electric Motor [telescoping under roof] scenario from completing
  • Fixed issue preventing Tadano Large Spool 1 scenario from completing
  • Fixed capacity issue with boom truck scenario 2
  • Fixed excessive deflection on Overhead Crane
  • Fixed issue that requires the Hours file to be reset
  • Fixed duplicate voice over line in Ring Intro 2 scenario
  • Wrecking Ball 6 scenario can now be completed without triggering the “Load Hit Ground while Stopping” Penalty
  • Boom angle penalties and bonuses fixed in training events
  • Telescoping penalties and bonuses fixed in training events
  • Injured worker with load failure now triggers when expected
  • "Unsafe Charge Drop" message appears correctly
  • Fixed charge bucket being allowed to be emptied outside of furnace
  • Improved charge bucket scenario voiceover instructions
  • Telescope limit penalty sensitivity reduced
  • Fixed possible collision between load and obstacles in Forklift 1
  • Restored cable collision and cable slack remediation tutorials
  • Fixed issue if incorrect data was entered into the deduction checklist
  • Fixed signalperson load path on Tadano 2x4 Bundle 1 scenario
  • Fixed cable collision error not triggering on Polar Crane
  • Fixed virtual controls not moving with control movement on Polar Crane
  • Fixed signalperson load path on Carry Deck Lift 6 scenario
  • Remove “mobile” voiceover from Overhead Crane and Tower Crane welcome
  • Fixed signalperson load path on Carry Deck Lift 2 scenario
  • Fixed crane jostle when anti-2-block device triggered
  • Restored crane collision remediation tutorial when outrigger is struck by load
  • Fixed time of day when re-opening main menu
  • Turned off engine when performing the NCCCO pre-use and securement quizzes
  • Fixed broken glass graphics when crane moving
  • Fixed collision between NCCCO practice load and objective barrels
  • Fixed excessive bumper collision penalty on Overhead Crane 300 ton Blast Block 2 scenario
  • Fixed unstable cribbing on Overhead Crane submersible pump and blast block scenarios
  • Fixed gaze cursor not recognizing Carry Deck throttle pedal
  • Tuned Carry Deck position for better objective visibility
  • Fixed graphic issue with Tadano lift piston when Boom fully elevated
  • Fixed collision between load and Tadano lift piston
  • Fixed anti-2-block tutorial arrow position
  • Fixed issue in the deduction checklist tutorial
  • Changed signalperson command from "ground" to "platform" for Bleacher scenarios
  • Fixed signalperson walking through I-beam in the LinkBelt Lift 1 Beam 3 scenario
  • Fixed virtual controls not moving with control movement on Overhead Crane
  • Fixed missing collision on background elements in Tower Crane practice scenarios
  • Fixed signalperson guiding the crane operator into the powerline danger zone for mobile crane