Bulk Course Assignment

Learn how to assign courses and learning paths to your learners all at once

The Bulk Course Assignment tool on ITI's API site can accelerate the assigning of the same courses or learning paths to multiple learners.

Follow these helpful steps or watch the video for assigning courses or learning paths to multiple learners:

  1. Select 'Bulk Course Assign' tool from the Customer Actions bar
  2. Select learners from the drop down list or add learner IDs to the Sample File (CSV)
    1. Upload the CSV to the upload field
  3. Click 'Next Step' and check the verification popup for the learner profile records you are assigning
  4. Select Courses and Learning Paths to assign to learners
  5. Click 'Submit' to finalize assignments


Request an ITI API account by emailing us at learninghub@iti.com.