VR Driver Safety Simulator

ITI is introducing a subscription service for driver safety training which includes a VR vehicle control station, enterprise software with passenger and commercial vehicle types. 

A better way to improve driver outcomes: 

  • By using the ITI VR Driver Safety Simulator, drivers can improve their skills, decrease the chance of accidents, and increase situational awareness. 
  • Immersive, graphically rich, realistic VR experiences replicate driving conditions without exposing the driver to real world risks. 
  • Reproduce diverse weather, road, and traffic conditions, blind spots, and sensory distractions. 
  • Accurately predict how drivers will react in the real world and what their safety performance is likely to be.  
  • Critical data is summarized for immediate comparative analysis, enabling trainers to assess both risk and performance capacity. 

A Complete Enterprise Subscription including: 

  • Vehicle control station with foot pedals, VR headset and laptop. 
  • VR software with a sedan, pickup, a 37 ft. Box truck and 40, 48, and 53 ft. Semi-tractor-trailer combinations. 
  • Vehicle Control Scenarios including braking distance, emergency lane changes, and vehicle stability. 
  • Rural Highway Free-Driving Scenarios including lane and speed control. 
  • Rural Highway with Traffic Scenarios to challenge learners with activities such as merging, passing, and safe following distances.  
  • Distracted Driving Scenarios. 
  • City Intersection Scenarios with stop signs and stop lights. 
  • Constrained Parking & Backing Scenarios. 
  • Variations for daytime, nighttime, dry/wet weather, sunny/overcast lighting. 

Enterprise subscribers benefit from all future software improvements and enhancements.