Setup Checklist - VR Crane Simulator Desktop Station

Make sure you check all the boxes and get started on your ITI VR training journey!


☐ Laptop power cable
☐ Sim hardware power cable
☐ Cables plugged into clean power outlet


☐ Sensor lens clean and undamaged
☐ (if pre-calibrated) Left / Right sensors identified
☐ Sensor securely fastened to rod
☐ Sensor straight and centered towards operator


☐ Arm-to-arm USB cable [embedded]
☐ Arm-to-arm power cable [embedded]
☐ Sensor cable [right side]
☐ Sim USB cable [right side]
☐ Oculus HDMI cable [left side]
☐ Oculus USB cable [left side]
☐ HDMI to Mini-Display Port display cable [left side]

VR Headset

☐ Cable not showing cuts or other damage
☐ Lenses clean
☐ Screen displaying properly
☐ Confirm no visual lag/latency with movement

Secure Hardware

☐ Desktop arms securely clamped [not wiggling]
☐ Controller pods securely fastened [not wiggling]


☐ Oculus app running [minimized]
☐ Sim configuration selected
☐ Controllers functioning in Controller Utility
☐ Close unnecessary software [if any]
☐ Launch and calibrate simulator!