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Image: Aerial photo of practice time at the ITI Woodland Training Center.

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A couple good ones this week. Enjoy!


Dirty Words and Phrases Associated with Load Handling Activities

We hear them all the time. In meetings. On the job site. We don't even react. We continue to listen intently and take notes, but we don't always address it. They have become part of our everyday vernacular. 




New Lift Director Requirements in NYC: What You Need to Know!

The New York Department of Buildings (DOB), has passed a rule that requires a qualified and competent Lift Director be present at construction sites when a crane or derrick is performing certain tasks. A new form (CD12) will need to be completed, signed and dated to designate the Lift Director. This form must be kept on site.  Additionally, if there is an alternate Lift Director for a period longer than two consecutive weeks, the DOB must be notified.


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4 Reasons Virtual Reality (VR) Should Be Part of Your Training Plan

It wasn't that long ago that virtual reality (VR), was nothing more than Hollywood science fiction. Movies like Tron, The Matrix Trilogy, Total Recall, and Minority Report all feature VR technology as an essential plot device. Well, it turns out that Hollywood knew what it was doing, because VR is here!



From the Bookstore

An amazing collection of 110 color photos that depict the most common types of damage as outlined by OSHA, ANSI, and ASME regulations which require the gear's removal from service.  (Also available as a CD PowerPoint for training purposes).



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