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ITI Human Performance Improvement - accident investigation for learning

0.8 CEUs | 1 Day | $995

Why are accidents and events investigated by companies?  Most company executives will say it’s because their regulators require it, and they are looking for corrective actions to prevent the accident from happening again. 

This workshop acknowledges the need to meet regulatory requirements, but goes further to promote learning and improvement throughout the organization. The workshop gives managers and professionals the tools to look beyond fallible front line humans and into error producing systems that generate the conditions necessary for accidents and events.

The reality is that companies that are good at investigating the variation that leads to accidents, are good at other things that lead to increased profitability.  They can achieve world-class levels of performance in cost attainment, schedule, and safety.

By participating in this workshop, students will be introduced to:

  • The evolution of investigations from linear cause and effect, to non-linear complex adaptive events.
  • How to get beyond fallible workers and into system-generated problems.
  • The effects of hindsight bias and confirmation bias on investigations.
  • How to factor in context and mindset into investigations.
  • How to ask ‘how’ instead of ‘why’.
  • How solutions emerge from investigations.
  • How to use accident investigations as a means to gain foresight in a company’s risk management strategy.

This one day workshop is designed for managers, safety professionals and investigators to better understand the context of accidents and events that harm people, damage company assets, and lead to loss of profitability.

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Bill Rigot, HPI Pracitioner - Course Manager
  • Former Chief Engineer, USS Nimitz
  • Consultant, Fluor
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