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ITI Human Performance Improvement - Workshop

1.6 CEUs | 2 Days | $1,995

Why is an understanding of Human Performance necessary? We keep score in business with dollars. Consequently, our people are our biggest asset and can be our biggest liability in generating results – their successes create positive results, and their failures can cause catastrophic losses.

When our front line employees physically touch the company, how do we know that the outcome is what we expect? The role of managers is to control risk to their companies by putting in place systems and defenses to assure that their employees will have the tools to be successful.

Myth: Most undesired events are caused by human error, therefore, corrective actions should be focused on reducing human error.

Reality: Errors are normal and happen to everyone and organizations have more to do with undesired events than individuals do. Therefore, organizations should focus on reducing systems-induced errors rather than individual errors.

By participating in this workshop, students will be introduced to:

  • The business case for understanding Human Performance Improvement (HPI)
  • Five Principles of HPI
  • An understanding of how errors happen
  • An understanding of error producing systems
  • Management’s role in leading resilient organizations
  • An understanding of how drift from management expectations, and accumulation of hidden hazards can lead to consequential accidents
  • Tools for reducing errors
  • Management tools to support a healthy safety culture

This two-day workshop is designed for management personnel to understand how to narrow the gap between work as planned and work as performed. This workshop is taught by former Chief Engineer, USS Nimitz Aircraft Carrier, Bill Rigot, a human performance improvement practitioner and leading subject-matter-expert.

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Bill Rigot, HPI Practitioner - Course Manager
  • Former Chief Engineer, USS Nimitz
  • Consultant, Fluor
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