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ITI VR General Troubleshooting

Common Situations & Potential Solutions

"All I see is text in an endless white room"

This is the Oculus Health & Safety Warning. Hover the grey "gaze-cursor" over the bar beneath the text to clear the warning.

"I launched the simulator but the monitor is a black screen"

The light sensor on the Oculus Rift is not covered.
The sensor is located between the eye pieces
next to the small light. Wear the headset or
carefully cover the light sensor.
The software is still loading. Put on the headset. If you see the transition screen (White room with grid-lines, or a black screen with an hourglass, the sim should load in less than a minutes. If you are prompted to press a button, do so when instructed.

"I launched the simulator, but the laptop says 'Headset Not Found.' "

The headset is not in line-of-sight of the Oculus Sensor(s). Reposition the headset so that it is within tracking range of the sensor(s).
If the simulator still cannot detect the headset, it must be recalibrated. Go to the "Devices" page in the Oculus Software, then click "Configure Rift" and select "Full Setup." Follow all instructions for a full Oculus configuration.

"Oculus error says that the simulator application is coming from an unknown source and has not been reviewed by Oculus for Health and Safety and will not open the application."

Go to Oculus Home on the desktop, click on the Gear icon, click on Settings, in the hamburger menu on the left click on General, then ensure "Unknown Sources" is enabled.

"The number pad on the laptop won't work."

Confirm that NumLock is engaged. To disengage NumLock, press [TAB]+[Home/NumLock]

"The Oculus software keeps launching when I run the Crane Simulator."

The Oculus software must be running while the Simulation is being used, but can be minimized the first time the Sim is launched. This will prevent it from opening each time the Sim is launched.

"The operator isn't sitting centered in the cab. They are out of alignment."

If the sensor is not centered and pointing straight ahead, adjust the stick base until the sensor is firmly rooted and will not rotate during use.
If the sensor is pointing straight ahead, go back through the oculus menu and Click Devices on the left hand side, then Configure Rift in the upper right hand corner, and finally, reset default view in VR. Make sure you are looking directly at the sensor and are positioned directly in front of it.
Caution: If you adjust the sensor during use, tell the operator to close their eyes. This is to prevent motion sickness.

"The sim is open and the headset is tracking, but inside the headset is completely dark."

The headset may be experiencing technical problems. Close the simulator and close Oculus (and possibly restart the computer). Put the headset back on and move your head around. In a few seconds the display should revive.
Check that the headset is recognized by Oculus. Go to the "Devices" page in the Oculus Software, then click "Configure Rift" and select "Full Setup." Follow all instructions for a full Oculus configuration.

"The simulator is running on the laptop, but nothing is showing in the headset and motion isn't tracked"

One of the Oculus components (a sensor or the headset) is likely unplugged. Check the cables.
The Oculus software or firmware is updating. Check the Oculus software on your laptop to see if any software or firmware updates are available. If there are, download and install them, then restart the Laptop and launch the sim again.
The Oculus headset is not recognized by the Oculus software. Go to the "Devices" page in the Oculus Software, then click "Configure Rift" and select "Full Setup." Follow all instructions for a full Oculus configuration.

"When I launch the sim, it says I need a license key"

Contact to get a new license key.

"The left/right pod won't work." [Desktop Hardware]

Check the Serious Labs Controller Utility on the laptop desktop to ensure both pods are connected and functioning.

If pods are NOT showing up, Check to ensure the following cables are properly connected:

  • USB cable (Arm A to Arm B)
  • Arm-to-Arm power cable
  • USB cable (Arm B to laptop)
  • Laptop AC power cable.

Check to ensure the pods are screwed in securely and seated properly. Unscrew and carefully reseat the pods.

If pods are STILL not showing up:

  • Restart the laptop
  • Unplug the Oculus sensor USB cable
  • Unplug the sim hardware USB cable
  • Plug the cables in again, but into the neighboring USB port
  • Wait for the drivers to reinstall
Check the Controller Utility. If the pods are still not displaying, call tech support.

"I launched the simulator, but the laptop says 'Touch Controller Not Found'" [Motion Base]

The Touch Controller has been sitting too long and gone to sleep. Press either the X or Y button to re-activate the controller. If this does not work, the AA battery may need to be replaced.

"I launched the simulator, but there is no movement in the Motion Base" [Motion Base]

Check to see if the blue lights are on beneath the Motion Base.
If yes, check the USB cable connected to the laptop.
If no, plug the Motion Base in to power.

“The headset is only displaying out of one eye piece. The other lens won’t turn on, but the sim works.”

There is either a loose connection or the headset is faulty.
To check for loose connections:
  • Check the Oculus computer app for software updates. Install if found.
  • Check Windows for updates. Install if found.
  • Unplug all Oculus cables INCLUDING the HDMI cable attachment on the Oculus Rift.
  • Shut down the computer and reboot.
  • Plug all Oculus cables back in securely before reopening the sim.
If the problem persists, contact Oculus Tech Support.