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Is the Future of Industrial Training Virtual?

Industry and the way work is conducted is evolving, quickly. As this reality trickles down to the organizations and individuals tasked with conducting work, the natural assumption is the way people are trained and evaluated must evolve as well. Of particular interest is the role and efficacy of new technology and tools that have the potential to be indoctrinated into the training and evaluation process. 

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Crane & Rigging Training Quiz [Test Your Knowledge!]

Mobile Crane Operator Course - Woodland, WA 

Crane Operator Log Book [Waterproof Bookstore Product!]


Location Date Price
Authorized Person Woodland 2/4 $295
Basic Rigging & Inspection  Houston 2/4 $495
Rigging Gear Inspector Edmonton 2/4 $1,695
Equipment Inspector Woodland 2/4 $295
Overhead Crane Operator Houston 2/5 $495
Rigging Gear Inspector Woodland 2/5 $1,695
Crane & Rigging Management Bootcamp Edmonton 2/7 $495
Mobile Crane Inspector  Woodland  2/18   $1,995

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