Crane Rodeo, Training Catalog Release, Crane Accident Webinar Highlight October at ITI

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Crane Rodeo, Training Catalog Release, Crane Accident Webinar Highlight October at ITI

October proved to be a busy month at Industrial Training International (iti.com). ITI Trainers represented the company on three continents during the month (North America, South America, and Africa), and a number of exciting events came out of the Woodland, Washington Headquarters. 

ITI Hosts Regional Crane Operator Rodeo

Eight crane operators from the Pacific Northwest competed on October 5 at ITI's Woodland Training Center for two berths in the National Crane Operator Rodeo Finals. The regional qualifying event was one of nine rodeos leading up to the National Finals that will take place in March of 2014 at the CONEXPO-CON/AGG Trade Show in Las Vegas.

The eight contestants competed in three events that were judged and scored by certified CIC examiners, ITI's Jay Dyson and Alex Faris.

  • The first event, Place Ball in Drum, called for the contestants to place the ball of a 35-ton-capacity RT Grove 635C into two open drums as quickly as possible. 
  • In the second event, Slalom, the crane operators had to direct a load (a weighted 55 gallon metal drum) through a slalom course of staggered drums as quickly as possible, while keeping a 3-foot chain fastened to the bottom of the drum in contact with the ground at all times. 
  • The final event, Stand & Move Pipe, required contestants to lift a 10-foot PVC pipe, filled with concrete to a standing position, keep the pipe within a corridor, and finally lay it down again.

Winners with Mike   CaptionWhile speed was king in these events, accuracy and control played a vital role as well, as operators were penalized for violations in each event, and points were added to their overall score. The operator with the lowest total score after the three events walk away as the champion.

Andrew Seid of Seid Crane in Kuna, Idaho ended the day on top of the leader board to punch his ticket to Las Vegas. Finishing in second place was hometown contestant Stever Frein, an instructor at West Coast Training in Woodland, Washington.  In addition to the crane rodeo, ITI hosted an open house complete with tours of the training center, module demonstrations and refreshments.  Donations were collected for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.

2014 Training Catalog Released

ITI’s 2014 Training Catalog was published in October.  To meet demand, the 2014 Training Center schedule features more course dates than any other calendar year in the2014 TC company’s history. A full slate of courses will be offered at ITI's U.S. Training Centers in Woodland, Washington and Memphis, Tennessee.  In addition, the 2014 Catalog includes a full course schedule at ITI's newest Training Centre in Edmonton, Alberta.

The ITI Bookstore, a world leader in crane and rigging resources, is also featured in the 2014 Catalog.  Among new items to the ITI Bookstore for 2014 is Rigging Engineering Basics by Keith Anderson, Chief Rigging Engineer at Bechtel.  A comprehensive “bible” for rigging engineers, lift planners, advanced riggers and those involved in rigging and lift planning activities, this title is distributed exclusively by the ITI Bookstore.

The 2014 Training Catalog also features information on the Showcase Webinar SeriesITI Newsroom, LEEA Accreditation, ITI Field Services and the ITI Workshops Division

180+ Register for Crane Accident Investigation Webinar

The October 2013 edition of the Showcase Webinar Series concentrated on the investigation of a crane accident.  Mike Parnell, ITI President/CEO, hosted the online learning event that was attended by health and safety professionals, construction foremen, insurance representatives, lifting supervisors, project managers, inspectors, heavy lift superintendents and others.

Those who attended the webinar were given access to eye witness testimonies, machineCrane Accident Webinar CTA and rigging data, lift plan documentation, images and other site specifications of a mobile crane accident.  With these materials in hand, they were then led through the process of using all available resources to determine causation, violations and corrective actions to the mobile crane accident in question. 

For more updates on news and events from ITI be sure to visit the ITI Newsroom at iti.com/news.  

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Fluor Corp. Rigging Engineer Headlines the ITI August Webinar

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Fluor Corporation Rigging Engineer Headlines the ITI August Webinar

According to webinar attendees, power generation and offshore industries offer the most complex lifting challenges

The August 2013 edition of the ITI Showcase Webinar Series answered the question – What is a Rigging Engineer’s Function? – for its 150+ registrants and also produced some noteworthy poll results.

The webinar featured Rigging Engineer Matt Dina P.E., from the Fluor Corporation.  Mr. Dina discussed in great detail, the full role of a rigging engineer over the course of a construction project.  The presentation followed a linear framework of an engineer's involvement:

-       Conceptual Planning

-       Engineering, Design, and Procurement 

-       Pre-Construction Phase 

-       Construction Phase 

-       Project Closeout Phase 

At the conclusion of the conceptual planning portion of the presentation, webinar attendees were prompted to offer their thoughts via a poll question – On average, what amount of time does your organization spend planning critical lifts? (Lead-time; not man hours)

The results revealed that just over half of the attendee’s organizations, on average, plan theirCritical lift   how long to plan critical lifts in 7 days or less.  In response to the results, Matt brought to light a complex job
he participated on, which had a lead time of, as he put it, “years.” 

He went on to explain that each lift is different and maintenance activities usually require much less lead time than other new construction activities.  

Another poll suggested that "power generation" and "offshore" lifting activities are much more complex in nature than other industries.  Attendees of the webinar designated these two sectors over the likes of the petrochemical, civil and infrastructure, and manufacturing industries.  Petrochemical also received a great deal of nods for offering many complex lifts.Industries   most complex lifting activities

Download the PDF presentation file and watch the recording now

The next edition of the Showcase Webinar Series is set for Tuesday, September 24, 2013, at 1 PM EDT.  The webinar is titled 9 Questions You Must Ask When Selecting a Crane & Rigging Training Provider and will feature ITI President/Technical Director, Mike Parnell, and ITI Vice President/COO, Zack Parnell. 

To learn more about ITI or the Showcase Webinar Series, visit iti.com or call 800-727-6355. 

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10 Points of Lift Plan Development – ITI Showcase Webinar Series

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10 Points of Lift Plan Development – ITI Showcase Webinar Series

Webinar to feature essential lift planning information

The Showcase Webinar Series is hosted by ITI President/Technical Director Mike Parnell. The free, one-hour sessions cover topics relevant to organizations conducting lifting activities.  The upcoming July 16, 2013 webinar entitled 10 Points of Lift Plan Development will expand on the following lift planning areas:

  • Characteristics of the load
  • Load handling equipment
  • Applicable rigging equipment
  • Load movement
  • Personnel involved – training, qualification, competency
  • Site preparation
  • Communication channels
  • Site control
  • Contingency planning
  • Emergency action planning
  • Pre-lift meetings
  • Lift execution
  • Post-lift review

The live event will feature an interactive Question and Answer session with host, Mike Parnell, allowing participants to expand on a number of lift planning thoughts, issues and scenarios.

Click here to register for the webinar.

To learn more about ITI or the ITI Webinars Division, visit iti.com/webinars or call 800-727-6355.

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