Pedestal Crane Inspector
2.4 CEU | 3 Days

This course is recommended for client employees needing to improve their skills, knowledge and abilities as inspectors of pedestal cranes. 

The participants are introduced to the core subjects listed below in both classroom and hands-on settings, and are tasked with inspection assignments that help to establish and/or demonstrate inspection proficiency.

Qualification is available. A written exam and hands-on inspections are administered. A three-year ITI Qualification is issued to participants who successfully pass the exams. 

Course Subjects
  • ASME Standards
  • Lower Structures
  • Inspection Requirements
  • Safety Devices
  • Upper Revolving Structure
  • Daily, Monthly, Annual Checklists
  • Testing Electrical, Hydraulic & Air Systems
  • Safety Devices
  • Wire Rope
  • Applicable State & Provincial Requirements
  • State/Province-Specific Crane Inspection Requirements


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