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Carry Deck Crane VR Scenario Design with Mike Parnell [Interview]

In early 2018, ITI VR released the ITI Virtual Reality Carry Deck Simulator as part of the Q1 update. I had the opportunity to sit down with ITI Co-Founder and Technical Director, Mike Parnell, to discuss how carry deck cranes are used in heavy industry and his role in the design of unique training scenarios for the ITI VR Carry Deck simulator.

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Chain Sling Inspection [Video]

Before you reach for that trusty chain sling, are you conducting a proper pre-use inspection? Be sure to give a thorough visual to the full body of the sling, including all end fastenings. Other potential problem areas include:

  • Areas of excessive wear
  • Defective Welds
  • Deformation
  • Increase in length (stretch)