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Volume 1, Issue 3


Photo: Entrance to the Houston Area Safety Council in Pasadena. HASC and ITI have partnered to offer hands-on crane, rigging, and load handing training to both HASC member and non-member companies.


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Rigging Workshop - Determine Center of Gravity

A crew must load out a short bridge column which will be used in a creek bed to support one end of a light bridge deck. The crew rigged the precast column at two locations about 24' apart. Using two cranes, they have decided to determine the location of the column's center-of-gravity so they can load the column onto an over-the-road trailer. By properly placing the column onto the trailer, the resulting axle loading allows the tractor trailer to not exceed any travel limits.

Use section two of the Journeyman Rigger's Reference Card to help solve the question about the column's CG. Instead of using Run1 and Run2, consider replacing them with Weight1 and Weight2, to arrive at the percent distribution, times the total space of 24'. To double check your work remember, "Short Stout, Long Light," which translated means, the CG is a shorter distance from the stout (heavier) end, and a longer distance from the light end.

Your Task: Estimate the location of the column's center-of-gravity from the "head end." Check your answer below!




Person of the Week

Tommy Nipp, Director of Training for the Houston Area Safety Council, has headed up the launch of the Workforce Development Center at the HASC since 2015. Mr. Nipp has participated in the construction of the new facility as well as led the development of training partnerships with 3M, Lincoln Electric, ITI and others. 

Learn more here

Houston Area Safety Council & ITI Partner on Crane & Rigging Training

The Houston Area Safety Council and Industrial Training International have agreed to partner by offering ITI courses at HASC's new Workforce Development Center at its state-of-the-art Pasadena location. READ MORE.

E-Learning & Employee On-boarding (Infographic) 

In its simplest form, technology changes the way we do things. Transportation went from the horse and buggy, to the combustion engine, to eventually air travel and redefined industries, economies, and the world along the way. The same is true in education. The spread of information and how that information is received is constantly changing and evolving. Thanks to advances in technology, "E-Learning" is no longer something to be ignored or thought of as inferior. High quality E-Learning is often the best option for training large numbers of employees spread across multiple sites or locations. Don't want to take my word for it? Check out the cold, hard stats below! To The Infographic!

ASME Membership with Any ITI Rigging Engineering Course

Unlimited access to valuable information and resources, connections to the best and brightest engineers, and plenty of opportunities to get involved and make a real difference in the mechanical engineering field. Sounds pretty useful doesn’t it, but how much is it going to cost?” Well, FREE is a good price right? Read More.

Determine CG - Answers

CG Front End

25,000 + 37,000 = 62,000

37,000/62,000 = .60

.60 x 24' = 14.4'


CG Base End

25,000 + 37,000 = 62,000

25,000/62,000 = .40

.40 x 24' = 9.6'

Crane & Rigging Expo



"Likely the most exciting crane and rigging event in history" was quoted about the Crane & Rigging Expo which will be held June 23-24, 2016 at Barnhart Crane & Rigging Headquarters and the ITI Memphis co-located Training Center. Global industry professionals and media are now able to sign up to attend the highly anticipated expo, which will be highlighted by Barnhart's specialized engineered load handling equipment demonstrations and hands-on ITI crane and rigging workshops. Read More...

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