Course # RE-180: Project Execution
for Lift Planners & Rigging Engineers

Course Overview

This Course may be taken by students wishing to complete the entire Program, or as a standalone course.

Course Length

This Course is 2 days in duration and will be held at scheduled times throughout the year. The Project Execution Course will be held in various cities throughout the world and offers students an in-person, interactive option to collaborate and develop engineered lift plans alongside other students and ITI Rigging Engineering Instructors.

Course Fee

The course fee is $1,995.

Course Outline

This Course is "project-oriented" and involves minimal instructor lecturing. Students will select from several project scenarios to execute in an array of working environments and load choices. Projects will be designed for execution with a variety of load handling equipment including:

  •          Mobile Cranes  
  •          Tower Cranes
  •          Telescopic Hydraulic Gantry Systems     
  •          Hydraulic Jacks
  •          Strand Jacks      
  •          Modular Lift Towers
  •          Hydraulic Skidding Systems        
  •          Industrial Rolling Systems
  •          Winches & Blocks            
  •          Hydraulic Platform Trailers
  •          Spreader Beams & Complex Lifting Arrangements           
  •          Customized Load Handling Equipment

Students are encouraged to utilize the computer systems that they are familiar with using (e.g. AutoCAD, LiftPlanner, 3D Lift Plan).