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Accidents & Incidents: The Human Part [Webinar]

The crane, rigging, and load handling industries are dominated by Sir Isaac Newton's Laws of Physics. Force, mass, velocity, distance, and the like are all major considerations when it comes to moving something big, heavy, oddly shaped, or all of the the above, from point "A" to point "B" on the job site. 

Newton's Laws capture the essence of the physical space when it comes to cranes, rigging, and hoisting, but what of the human variables? Register for the webinar to find out!


Lift Director Training Quiz

Test and grow your skill and knowledge with this lift director training quiz. Don't worry about getting questions wrong, uncovering skill and knowledge gaps (and strengths!) via a "TestĀ»TrainĀ»Assess" model allows you to make the most of your precious training time. Choose the BEST answer for each question below.

(Answers provided below the last quiz question)

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