4 Hours* | $375

The ITI VR Mobile Crane Operator Apprenticeship & Practice is designed to help personnel gain familiarity and understand the basics of operating a mobile crane.

The course focuses on developing your knowledge and skills as a mobile crane operator with this robust apprenticeship-style training plan, that can be adjusted based on the amount of time you have to dedicate to your training.


Course Subjects

  • Crane setup
  • Outrigger deployment
  • Leveling of the crane
  • Boom setup
  • LMI programming
  • Pre-lift assessments
  • Crane load charts
  • Review of basic rigging methods
  • Pick-up radius
  • Travel path
  • Set-down radius
  • Load handling: NCCCO test weights, AC units, Motors, Generators, Transformers
  • Crane hand signals and voice commands
  • Safe operating procedures in poor weather, around high voltage lines and in hazardous environments
  • Crane shut down and securement
  • & More

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