ITI VR MOBILE CRANE OPERATOR skills verification exam

0.5 Hours* | $200

The new guy on the job listed “crane operator” as one of his skills, but he doesn’t have any other proof to back it up.  Don’t just throw him the keys to a half-million-dollar machine without running him through this assessment program first!

The ITI VR Mobile Crane Operator Skills Verification Exam is intended to provide a verification of the mobile crane operator’s skills and competency, which can be used on a periodic basis (e.g. annual) or pre-hire basis.  A Skills Verification Score & Report provided after the exam entails the scenario scores, deductions, and areas of improvement.

Each assessment is conducted on 1 crane type of your choice.

  • Rough Terrain (Tadano RT GR-1000XL)
  • Lattice Boom Crawler (Link-Belt 218 HSL)
  • Carry Deck (Broderson IC-80)
  • Boom Truck (Terex BT 28106)
  • Heavy Lift Crawler (Liebherr LR1300) Coming Soon
  • Tower Crane (Liebherr 550-EC-H) Coming Soon
  • Overhead Crane (Cab Operated & Belly Box Operated) Coming Soon

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