Practical Assessment Library

Solving challenges of ExxonMobil, Bechtel, DPR Construction and more.

Conducting training courses without practical assessment? Apply the latest in VR technology to conduct practical exams after your training courses.

  • Construction Hazard Assessment
  • Crane & Lifting Hazard Assessment
  • Rigging Inspection Assessment
  • Rigger Skills Verification


The ITI VR Industrial Skills Library is optimally deployed with kits comprised of:

  • ITI VR 10-Pack Oculus Go Charging Case - Traveling case that holds and charges 10 Oculus Go VR Headsets.
  • Oculus Go VR Headsets (10)
ITI VR 10-Pack Oculus Go Charging Case
Oculus Go VR Headsets (10)

oculus go vr headset

Case Closed


Sitting Practical Assessment


More Information

This assessment was developed in collaboration with several organizations including Bechtel, DPR Construction, United Rentals Trench Safety, Liberty Mutual and others. It is intended to be used to provide a standardized qualification exam at the end of a construction safety course.


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