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Image: Master Rigger students perform a two crane pick during a recent course at the Woodland Training Center. Image captured via drone.

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Zigzag Corridor - Forward & Reverse in 7 Mins. [Video]

One of the required tasks of National Crane Operator Certification Exams requires the operator to display skills and ability by negotiating a "zigzag" corridor with a test weight on the hook. The task is timed and will reveal competency levels of the following operator attributes:



VR: The New Standard in Crane Training Technology

Teaching people to operate cranes is a time-consuming and challenging process. For starters, it’s dangerous. An inexperienced operator can literally kill people, including themselves, if they lose control of a load or extend the equipment beyond its operational capacity. It’s also expensive, as you’re not only paying for both instructor and trainee time in the seat, but taking a crane out of operation to do so can hit the bottom line, burn fuel, and cause wear and tear on the equipment. 



Course E-Book: Accident Investigation [Free Download]

 The ITI Accident Investigation: Cranes, Rigging and Material Handling Operations Course begins with a short classroom session that covers the basics of accident investigation, and introduction to root cause analysis, and standards relevant to cranes, rigging, and forklifts.

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ITI Online Course of the Month

Overhead Crane Operator

This overhead training course gives equipment operators a solid foundation in health and safety standards, preventative maintenance, and the proper procedures for safely operating overhead cranes. Delivered through multimedia presentations and interactive discussions, course content is reinforced through operator workbooks and supplementary handouts.

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