VR Crane Simulator: Q1 2023 Software Update

Launcher 2.0, Individual User Management, Enhanced Reporting, and Virtual Pendant Controller for the Overhead Crane highlight the Q1 2023 Update

Key Features Q1 2023 Update

Launcher 2.0 Features

Improved User Management

The program that configures and launches the Crane Simulator now offers improved management of users by using individual localized accounts that are secured with a password to protect each user’s progress and history.


Improved Software Update Process

By hooking up the VR laptop to an internet connection and starting the Crane Simulation Launcher, updates will automatically download. Once the download completes, the updates can be applied at the users convenience, but generally only take a few minutes to install.


Access to Settings

Crane administrators can now make changes to the crane simulator and launcher. Three brand new settings are the ability to adjust the speeds of hoist, bridge, and trolley. Administrators can also set the minimum score required in scenarios for a user to be considered passing.


Revamped Launch Screen

With the addition of color-coded equipment icons it’s easier to know if everything is in a “ready to launch” state. For overhead crane users, options were added to select the configuration and hardware you want to use to run the crane. Additionally, for the 75 Ton overhead crane type, a shorter warehouse environment was added that brings the bridge height from ~70 feet to ~40 feet from the floor.


Improved Reporting

User session reports are now easier to read. Reports can also be generated in English or Spanish. A “Glossary” section has been added to the bottom of the report to explain what the user did wrong and what they could do differently.

Pendant Report

Crane Simulator Update Features

C-Hook Lifting Device

We’ve added a new lifting device for coils in the overhead crane environments. C-hooks can now be used to lift and move coils throughout our scenarios.

Virtual Pendant Controller

As an added bonus for existing Unlimited, and overhead crane subscriptions the ITI Simulations Team has created our first virtual hardware for the Crane Simulator! Using your existing Oculus touch controllers, you can drive the overhead crane scenarios. This single-row pendant controller can be operated with one or both of your hands to move the crane and load throughout the warehouse.


Quest 2 With Belly Box

With this release you can now use a Quest 2 headset with the belly box controller.

Quest 2 Belly Box

Increased Contrast in OHC Scenarios

To improve visibility for the operators, we’ve increased the contrast between the steel I-beams and the truck bed, as well as between the Auxiliary hook and the charge bucket.

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