Rigging Engineering & Lift Planning - Technical Advisory Group

Collaborate with Todd and Jonathan on the 3rd edition of Rigging Engineering Basics from late, esteemed author, Keith Anderson.

The following is provided as background information, and is an excerpt from this press release:


"Keith was a dear friend to so many people globally, a world-leading expert, and a true teacher of rigging engineering and lift planning. Prior to his passing in 2023, Keith wanted to ensure his academic work was stewarded well into the future. He requested that we (ITI) acquire the rights to his books and continue their management into the future," Zack Parnell, CEO of ITI.

Keith had authored Rigging Engineering Basics and Rigging Engineering Calculations. He was also the co-founder and Program Manager of the online learning program, Fundamentals of Rigging Engineering.

"We felt that it was very fitting to ask Keith's hand-picked replacement as the head of rigging engineering at Bechtel, to also fill Keith's role as the Editor of his books. That's when we called up Todd Harding," shared Mr. Parnell.

Read more about Keith's legacy at this press release.


We are inviting qualified contributors, with significant experience in crane and rigging operations, lift planning, and rigging engineering to join our Rigging Engineering & Lift Planning Technical Advisory Group.

This TAG's Immediate Priority:  To provide feedback on Rigging Engineering Basics, so we can publish a 3rd Edition in the summer of 2024.

Todd Harding, PE is the Rigging Engineering Operations Manager for Bechtel, based in Sugarland, Texas. He will serve as the Editor of Rigging Engineering Basics and the Program Manager of the online learning program, alongside Jonathan Parnell, PE, who is ITI's Product Owner for these solutions. 

This book is purchased by companies, union training centers, universities, individuals, and also is the primary text student's use in ITI's online learning program - the Fundamentals of Rigging Engineering. The book serves as a practical guide for:

  • Lift Planners and Rigging Engineers
  • Lift Directors and Site Superintendents
  • Field Engineers, Rigging Foremen, Heavy Lift Managers, and Heavy Haul Planners
  • Crane Operators and various crafts who conduct rigging activities

As an Advisor, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Review and comment on the content's supporting files such as outline, learning objectives, and learner experience.
  • Review, comment, and provide quality assurance testing (QAT) on the final draft content before it is available to the public.
  • Join a virtual feedback session in mid-June, after the initial written feedback period closes at the end of May.
    Advisors are not obligated to perform any work and you are welcome to join the Technical Advisory Group simply to review the content. All Advisors are subject to the following Terms of Service.

Important Notice - ITI Advisor Content Development Terms of Service

All Technical Advisors of ITI must agree to the ITI Advisor Content Development Terms of Service also found at iti.com/serviceagreements.


NOTE: This Technical Advisory Group is no longer accepting applications, as the book is currently under review. To remain informed on the development, you can provide your information below.


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