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Industrial Training InternationalFeb 27, 2017 4:25:41 PM3 min read

Lift & Move USA - Tampa, Florida [Photo Diary]

Lift & Move USA - Tampa, Florida [Photo Diary]


There is a skills and labor gap in the United States. As a generation prepares to retire from the trades and craft work, a new generation must fill their shoes. The crane, rigging, and specialized transport industries are no exception, as companies are looking for mechanics, inspectors, riggers, equipment operators and countless other integral roles in the industry. Lift & Move USA is targeted at young people considering their future careers, including students in high school and those attending community and technical colleges. 

ITI participated in the February 14th Lift & Move Event at ALL Crane in Tampa. If you weren't in attendance along with the 400+ high school and technical school students, here is the next best thing!

Photo Diary: Lift & Move USA | All Crane - Tampa | February 14, 2017

Photo Feb 14, 2 28 01 AM.jpg
"Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise."

- Ben Franklin

This guy might be on to something...

All Crane Entrance.jpg 

The entrance to where all the magic happened - Founded by the Liptak brothers in 1954, as ALL Erection & Crane Rental Corp, the ALL Family of Companies now is made up of more than 35 locations in the United States and Canada. With sales and rental solutions for every project imaginable, the ALL Family of Companies prides itself on being a leader in the crane industry.

Photo Feb 14, 3 52 06 AM.jpg

The All Crane - Tampa Yard - Prepping for the day's events. The majority of the stations and speaking sessions took place in the red building to the right. The crane in the foreground will later be used for a demonstration lift performed by the ALL Crane team for all the attendees. 

Photo Feb 14, 5 30 01 AM.jpg

The calm before the storm - Sponsors and vendors take a deep breath, and grab a quick break before the 400+ students arrive. ITI contributed to the event by giving the students a chance to "run" a 100 Ton Tadano All-Terrain Crane on the ITI Virtual Reality (VR) Mobile Crane Simulator. The ITI station was conveniently located next to the Mazzella Companies. The ITI Cleveland, OH Training Center is located at Mazzella's Headquarters in Cleveland. 

All Crane Brett.jpg

Lift & Move USA Executive Director, Brett Melvin, addresses the attendees as the event kicks off. Lift & Move USA is the result of Mr. Melvin's foresight and vision to create a pipeline to aid in the turnover of an aging workforce in the crane, rigging, and specialized transport industries. 

Photo Feb 14, 6 12 57 AM.jpg

The ALL Crane Tampa Team performs a demonstration lift for the Lift & Move USA attendees. The load is a 40 Ton trailer platform. The ALL Crane Team demonstrated a number of different functions and responsibilities necessary to complete a lift including - Crane Operator, Riggers, Signal Person, and Tagline Users. The lift was performed exactly as planned with zero complications. 

Photo Feb 14, 9 01 13 AM.jpg

Lift & Move attendees take their shot at different crane operator scenarios on the ITI VR Mobile Crane Simulator. Attendees had the opportunity to experience VR Simulation as well as a legacy crane simulator option at the event. 

Photo Feb 14, 9 25 12 AM.jpg

The first time in recorded history that male teenagers have foregone free food (photo was taken during lunchtime), in order to take part in a learning activity. [Unconfirmed, researchers are trying to verify]

Photo Feb 14, 9 25 18 AM.jpg

The day comes to a close as the buses are loaded up, and the sponsors begin to pack up their stations. Another successful Lift & Move USA is in the books!


There are three more Lift & Move Events scheduled for the remainder of 2017 - 

  • May 3 | Chicago, IL | Hosted by Lifting Gear Hire
  • September 14 | Ft. Wayne, IN | Hosted by Buchanan Hauling
  • November 15 | Baton Rouge, LA | Hosted by Berard Transportation & Deep South Crane

For more information about Lift & Move USA visit or email if you are interested in sponsoring an upcoming event.

For more information about ITI VR and the VR Mobile Crane Simulator visit or call 800.727.6355 to speak with an ITI VR Product Manager.



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