TWP_Oregon_Portrait_2020_AW_Dark2WHY ITI?

Industrial Training International is a recognized global leader in crane, rigging, and lift planning related training and certification. Founded over 30 years ago by people whose driving passion is to help others and be good stewards of their gifts, we exist to serve and learn every day.

ITI was founded by people whose driving passion is to help others and be good stewards of their gifts. Our founder became an Eagle Scout at the age of 14 - a rigorous feat that 18-year-old candidates struggle to attain. The tenacity to achieve, work hard, and the desire to help others has formed a company that has continuously exhausted all efforts to lead the world in training skills and providing quality service in order to save the lives and improve the industrial activities of the employers we serve.


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Based in Woodland, WA

Based in Houston, TX

Based in Cleveland, OH


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Thank You!

Thank you for learning a bit more about us and how we aim to serve organizations from all over the world that conduct crane, rigging, heavy lift and load handling activities.

Our Culture

Team ITI exists to serve and learn, everyday. We care deeply about getting a few things right in our vocation. All of the things we care about aim to serve our customers and learn everyday. Our culture can be defined by the following values, principles and beliefs.

  • We will have hearts of a servant.
  • We are life-long learners.
  • We are a high-performing team.
  • We believe that hard work is good, and the reward for hard work, is more work.
  • We will have Integrity and radical transparency.
  • We tap dance to work.
  • Growth is the only option.
  • We highly value agility and flexibility.

our mission and values

Leading the development of a skilled workforce at the heart of crane, rigging, and load handling activities.


Honoring commitments while maintaining the
highest standards of ethical conduct through honesty, transparency and courage.


We are wholeheartedly devoted to our customers, employees and shareholders, with our collective commitment to provide a unique, world-class educational experience.


To be the world-leader in crane, rigging and load handling equipment training and consulting while remaining proactive in the pursuit of perfection.


Solving customer challenges with forward-thinking solutions through the continuous improvement of curriculum, technology and personnel.


We are dynamic and lean in our ability to effectively adapt to customer training and service requirements while maintaining a solid foundation.

Our Milestones

Students since 1986
unique courses
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lives saved