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ITI Crane Training Simulation Live Demos

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Live Simulator Demo Sessions

Explore ITI's Training Simulators in a small group live setting. Simulator group demo sessions are the best way to see what the Crane Simulator looks like, how it works, and explore training applications. These open events are also a great place to ask questions in a no-pressure environment.

Each session is capped at 10 registrations to make sure we can provide a learning environment and have time to address any questions. Grab your spot before we are booked.

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June 13, 2024

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Overhead Crane Operator for Onboarding Applications

Join Stephen Hernandez, ITI VR Simulation Support Specialist, for a group demonstration of the Overhead Crane VR Simulator. He'll explain and demonstrate scenarios that teach operators the basic functions, controls, and operations of the crane. 

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July 18, 2024

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Mobile Crane Simulator - Lattice Boom Crawler Lifting at the Worksite

Join Stephen Hernandez, ITI VR Simulation Support Specialist, for a group demonstration of the Mobile Crane VR Simulator. We'll explore lifting scenarios that are modeled after worksite environments and teach operators to move several different loads by following hand signals.

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August 15, 2024

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Carry Deck Simulator - Hook & Pole Scenarios

Join Leo Short, ITI VR Simulation Project Manager, for a group demonstration of learning scenarios that teach Carry Deck operators to control the swing and throttle of the crane to catch the headache ball and place it in the barrel.

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