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Crane Training

ITI's catalog of courses supports end-users from operators to inspectors and even assembly/disassembly directors. We conduct a variety of crane training courses including:

  • Overhead crane inspector training
  • Mobile crane inspector training
  • NCCCO mobile crane operator practice courses
  • Articulating boom crane certification courses
  • Tower crane operator courses
  • and much more

Courses are specific to multiple crane types and can be delivered Client-Site at your location, ITI Training Centers, and online and on-demand. Hands-on virtual learning crane training simulations with our new state-of-the-art VR crane simulator.

Instructor-Led Training Courses

Our Instructor-led training courses are guided by professional subject matter experts that boast more than 200 years of combined field experience. Instructor-led courses are offered at each of our training centers, but we also accommodate instructor-led training at your location and even provide access virtually including NCCCO Crane Operator Certification Prep.

Register for instructor-led training courses at one of our local training centers below, or view the complete schedule for all locations.

Select a Course Below to get Started

NCCCO Mobile Crane Operator Prep


3 Days | ITI offers a Mobile Crane Operator Course with NCCCO Nationally Accredited Certification testing. The course includes a 3-day test prep to ensure...

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Mobile Crane Inspector - Qualified

4 or 5 Days
| Mobile Crane Inspector focuses on spotting the problems and identifying the damage that can be discovered through external evaluation. It addresses...

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Overhead Crane Operator - Qualified

1 Day | ITI's Overhead Crane Operator Course is designed to increase the participants' level of knowledge in the proper use and pre-operational inspection of overhead cranes...

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Mobile Crane Operator - Skills Building


5 Days | This course is designed for those who have little or no experience with mobile crane operation. The course helps establish good operating practices for...

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Overhead Crane Technician Intermediate - Level II


3 Days | The Overhead Crane Technician Level II Course is truly one of a kind. This extensive course covers the major aspects of cranes, electronics, motors...

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Overhead Crane Inspector - Qualified


3 Days | Overhead Crane Inspector is designed to increase the participant's level of knowledge for inspection of overhead lifting devices, which include bridge, gantry, monorail, fixed hoists, and jib wall mounts...

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Mobile Crane Principles - Online

Mobile Crane Principles

20 Mins | Diagrams, video, and animation covering mobile crane components, purpose, the lever principle, and mechanical advantage/reeving.

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Mobile Crane Setup Basics - Online

Mobile Crane Setup Basics

20 Mins | Diagrams, video, and animation site prep and set up, positioning and clearances, ground conditions, and pads/mats. 

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Working At-Heights Around Mobile Cranes - Online

Working At-Heights Around Mobile Cranes

30 Mins | Diagrams, video, and animation site Students will learn the importance of manufacturer provided devices and installed hardware to prevent falls, and when to use them.

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Carry Deck Operator


3 Days | Client-site Carry deck operator training is designed to increase the operator's knowledge, skill, and proficiency...

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Instructor-Led, Online, Simulations, Field Resources, and more all cranes, all the time...