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Industries that Trust ITI

ITI is dedicated to supporting industries engaged in hoisting and lifting activities. Here are just a few sectors we assist:

Crane Rental Companies

Learn how ITI collaborates with crane rental companies to enhance hoisting, lifting, and crane operations. Our customized training programs and learning paths cover a range of skills from basic rigging to advanced crane operations, ensuring your team is proficient and safe. Solutions include instructor-led and online courses, virtual reality, simulations, and continuous support, ITI is committed to improving your operations.


Steel Erectors

Explore how ITI works alongside steel erectors. Our dedicated learning paths address the unique needs of steel erection, covering essential skills from basic rigging, advanced techniques, to safety. Discover a range of instructor-led and online courses complemented by immersive virtual reality simulations and continuous support. ITI empowers steel erectors to elevate safety and efficiency in their operations.

Steel Erectors Industry

Industrial Manufacturing

ITI partners with industrial manufacturing companies to streamline their operations. Our comprehensive solutions are specifically designed to address the needs of the manufacturing sector, covering essential skills from overhead crane operation to safety protocols. With groundbreaking solutions like immersive virtual reality simulations powered by continuous support, ITI ensures that your workforce is proficient and safe.

Manufacturing Industry

Construction & Engineering

As leaders in crane and rigging training, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions designed to enhance the skills and safety consciousness of your team. With our training programs, we aim to minimize accidents and injuries, ensuring a safer and more efficient work environment for construction and engineering projects.


Nuclear Power

Learn more about ITI solutions exclusive to the Nuclear Power Generation sector. ITI training Solutions are designed to upskill teams and mitigate risk during planned maintenance and normal operations. 



The Aerospace industry understands quality control and precision, our training solutions are meant to be tailored to meet your company's specific standards. Explore learning paths, impactful courses, and innovative training tools.

Aerospace Industry

We are hard at work developing learning paths for each industry we serve. Share your specific challenges with us, and let's explore how we can assist you.