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Learning Solutions for Vocational & Technical Schools

Learning Solutions that Give Students Real-World Knowledge and Practical Skills

ITI recognizes the challenges that construction, industrial manufacturing, and heavy equipment career programs encounter in preparing students for employment. Providing students with opportunities to study industry-verified content and practice skills through hands-on exercises is crucial for job readiness. ITI's exclusive crane and rigging content, along with our award-winning simulations, give technical school programs a competitive edge.

Proven Results

Our training solutions have been adopted by leading technical programs across the US and Canada helping students get hired across multiple industries.

Adaptable Content

ITI's learning solutions aren't made for a one-size-fits-all application. Learning topics and scenarios are meant to be customized and adapted across multiple modalities and installed within existing curricula.

The Gold Standard

ITI is the gold standard for crane and rigging content and learning solutions. Our programs teach current operators and technicians on the job and in worksites and facilities internationally.

Our Specialized Solutions

Engineering Principles for Rigging & Load Handling

Engaging Online Courses for Crane & Rigging

Discover our engaging online content for educational programs. These courses empower students with the knowledge and skills necessary to master the intricacies of crane and rigging operations.

Overhead Crane Sim with Pendant

Virtual Reality Crane Simulations for the Classroom

Explore state-of-the-art training through our specialized virtual reality simulations. These simulations offer a lifelike and safe environment to build essential skills specific to lifting.


Construction Hazard Identification Simulations

Implement safety exercises in the construction environment using simulation. ITI's construction Hazard ID simulation helps learners learn to identify real-world safety risks in a structured environment. Assessment tools gauge learner comprehension.

Ready to Transform Your Program?

Explore our solutions and take the first step toward transforming your student's job readiness.

Contact an ITI Solutions Advisor to discuss your program's needs. Let's work together to design learning solutions that not only meet but exceed your and your students' expectations.