LEEA Accreditation

Lifting Equipment Engineers Association Accredited User Training Company

LEEA Accredited

In 2012, ITI underwent a string of audits and evaluations to become an Accredited User Training Company according to the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association.  At the time, ITI was the first professional training company in North America to be Accredited by LEEA. 

The process entailed:leea_training-resized-162.jpg

  1. A corporate audit of ITI as an organization.
  2. A complete audit of all course curriculum and examination processes of ITI.
  3. Individual presentation-skill audits of all ITI Instructors.
  4. Facility-audit to determine compliance of ITI Training Centers.

About LeeA

The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) is established as the leading representative body for all those involved in the lifting industry worldwide.  The Association has played a key role in this specialised field for over half a century, from training and standards setting to health and safety, the provision of technical and legal advice, and the development of examination and licensing systems.

The LEEA was founded in 1944 as the Chain Testers' Association of Great Britain.  The name was changed to its present one in 1988 to more accurately reflect the activities of our worldwide Membership.  On 1st January 2000 LEEA became a company limited by guarantee and is owned and financed by Members.