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ITI VR Crane Simulator

Climb into the cab of one of our 9+ authentic crane & equipment models


The ITI Virtual Reality Crane & Equipment Training suite has been developed in partnership with original equipment manufacturers to ensure an experience on par with operating the exact machinery each simulation was designed to replicate. Our varied scenarios and virtual crane simulation courses offer the range of challenges needed to turn beginners into expert operators.

9 Unique Crane Types
Built to OEM specs, including a Tadano RT, Link-Belt Lattice Boom Crawler, and more...
Learning Path-Icon-Blue
1,000+ Scenarios
Focus on specific skills, or work your way through one of the pre-made comprehensive lesson plans.
Safe Practice
Expose operators to situations too difficult to replicate on an actual crane such as variable weather.
2 Hardware Options
Portable Desktop and immersive Motion-Base platforms are available to meet your team's needs.

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Available Crane Types

The ITI Design & Development Studio continuously advances our crane and equipment simulation library with new scenarios, courses, and functionality all made available to subscribers at no additional cost!

Rough Terrain - Tadano GR-1000XL VR-Tadano-Slide-1280px-02
The Tadano GR-1000XL hosts a loaded, one-man cab that performs both crane and drive operations. The steel cab is equipped with a tilt-telescoping steering wheel, a three-way adjustable operator seat, air conditioning, a hot water cab heater, foot operated controls, safety glass throughout, and sliding door access.

Tadano GR-1000XL

  • Max. Lifting Capacity: 100 tons
  • Boom Length: 39.4’ - 154.2’
  • Max. Working Radius: 177’
  • Jib Length: 33.2’ or 58.1’
  • Counterweight: 22,000 lb
  • Drive: 4x4x4

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Lattice Boom Crawler - Link-Belt 218 HSL LBC-Slide03-2160px
Link-Belt's long history of quality and power is captured in the 218 HSL. This machine provides an optimal starting point for lattice boom crane operator training in the ITI VR Simulator. The 110-ton crawler model capable of 154 feet of main boom length is a versatile model for operator screening, training and assessment. The Link-Belt team and ITI VR made the 218 available for the community in the Spring of 2017 with over 10 hours of training and assessment scenarios and joystick configurations set to mirror a field crane.

Link-Belt 218 HSL Specs

  • Max. Lifting Capacity: 110 tons
  • Boom Lengths: 40’- 230’
  • Fixed Jib Lengths: 30’ - 75’
  • Tip Height (Fixed Jib): 279’
  • Working Weight: 192,735 lb

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Overhead/Gantry Crane VR-OHC-Slide-1280px-05

Cab Operated | Belly-Box Operated

Bridge Cranes are widely used overhead crane models across many industries, typically in high production environments that pose challenges to training including availability of the crane and risk of unskilled personnel in the production area. The ITI VR Overhead Bridge Crane Simulator utilizes cab-operated as well as remotely operated controls with a pendant or belly-box.
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Carry Deck - Broderson IC-80 CD-Slide03-2160px
Hands-on carry deck operator training has never occurred outside of the actual machine as simulation has never been available for this equipment. The VR Carry Deck Operator Simulator is a virtual replica of a Broderson IC-80 Carry Deck now making training and assessment of carry deck operators on-demand, self-paced and in an engaging training environment.

Broderson IC-80 Specs

  • Capacity on Outriggers: 18,000 lb
  • Pick & Carry Capacity: 11,700 lb
  • Height: 7’ 3”
  • Width: 6’ 6”
  • Max. Tip Height: 46’
  • Max. Horizontal Reach: 40’

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Boom Truck - LoadKing Stinger 28-106 BT-Slide06-2160px
Boom trucks offer a great deal of mobility and are often regarded as lower risk machines given the smaller load capacities. But on the contrary, boom truck operations account for a high volume of incidents due to their large availability, under-trained and under-qualified operators and unique operational risks like the blind spots a boom truck cab creates.  In the VR Boom Truck Operator Simulator, training and assessment occurs in an authentic way, right from the cab of 28 ton, LoadKing Stinger 28-106.

LoadKing Stinger 28-106 Specs

  • Max. Capacity: 28 tons
  • Main Boom Length: 106’
  • Max. Tip Height w/Ext: 162’
  • Max. Boom Length: 153’
  • Max. Counterweight: None
  • Overall Length: 32’ 3”
Heavy Lift Crawler - Liebherr LR 1300 VR-HeavyLiftCrawler-Slide-1280px-04

The newest generation of LR 1300 has a lifting capacity of max. 300 t. The crawler crane impresses with many innovative assistance systems, which both increase operational safety as well as simplify handling. With the new cabin design, the crane appears in elegant design and with many features for high operator comfort.

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Liebherr LR 1300 Specs

•  Max. Load Capacity: 331 US tons
•  Max Hoist Height: 644'
•  Max. Working Radius: 469'

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Cab Forward RTC - Broderson RT-400 VR-CAB-FORWARD-RT-1280px-4

Broderson RT-400

Rugged, heavy-duty, field proven design, and now with improved operator access and cab entry, make the Broderson RT-400 Rough Terrain Crane the smart choice for end users and rental fleets. The RT-400’s compact footprint, strong pick and carry capability, simple controls and beefy construction have made it the leading cab down rough terrain crane for over a decade. The RT-400 delivers higher pick capability, longer reach, greater hydraulic output and precise operator control – all in a package that provides reliable day in day out service.

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  • Capacity on Outriggers: 40,000 lbs
  • Height: 11' 2"
  • Width: 8' 5"
  • Boom Rotation: 360 Continuous
  • Tip Maximum Height: 98'
  • Horizontal Reach: 85'
  • Gradeability: 70% (34 degrees)
  • Total weight: 51,900 lbs

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Tower Crane - Liebherr 550-EC-H VR-Tower-Crane-Slide-1280px-05
The ITI VR Tower Crane Simulator is available now to aid in all tower crane operator training needs! Developed by ITI, (with a big assist to original equipment manufacturer Liebherr), the training tool offers an authentic tower crane operator experience, without the need to be 100s of feet in the air.

Liebherr 550-EC-H Specs

  • Capacity: 44,100 lb
  • Max. Working Radius: 267 feet
  • Capacity at Max. Radius: 8,818 lb
  • Max. Hook Height: 266 feet

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Polar Crane - 175 Ton
The ITI VR Polar Crane, sometimes referred to as Reactor Servicing Cranes, operate on a circular track or runway, within containment/reactor facilities. Polar cranes' primary function is removal and replacement of reactor components, and are also utilized during the refueling and outage process. 
Due to the highly specialized environment and use cases, training for polar crane operators presents a number of challenges. 

Polar Crane Specs

  • Capacity: 385,000 lbs

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Customize to Meet your Needs:

Step 1

Choose Your Hardware

First, select the platform that makes the most sense for your team. The portable desktop platform, or the immersive motion base platform. Next, its time to pick your control pods. All pods are compatible with both platform options and can be configured to match the functions of nearly any crane on earth...

Step 2

Select a Subscription Plan

Select the content you need to train, assess, and qualify your operators. It's a simple concept, but we mean it! Find the plan that works best for your team...

Crane Simulations Subscription Plans 2022
Step 3

Start Training!

Steps one and two were the hard part...Now all that is left is to start using your ITI VR Crane Simulator! We'll work with you along the way so you have the learning paths needed to succeed and grow.

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Motion Base Crane Simulator
I oversee 30-50 operators at any given time depending on how many jobs we have going. All I have to say is that all my operators need to get on this simulator. If they can pass the modules I tried, I have no doubt in my mind that they can do the job. I have been doing this a long time, and the VR Simulator is the most realistic simulator I have ever seen.
Terry B.25 Years of Operation Experience



1 Crane Type
Customer Support
Unlimited Users
As the name suggests, the single crane option allows the subscribing organization unlimited use of a crane type of their choosing. 


9 Crane Types
Customer Support
Unlimited Users
The unlimited option allows the subscribing organization unlimited use of ALL available crane types in the ITI VR Crane Simulator Library for unlimited users.


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