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Hazard Identification Training and Assessment Using Virtual Reality

Construction Hazard ID

VR Training & Assessment

Construction hazards are plentiful, as are the training programs that address them like OSHA-10, online courses, and various internal safety courses. Practical, immersive assessment of these hazards has not been available until now. 

The VR Construction Hazard ID Assessment is a major title in the ITI VR Industrial Skills Library which is delivered through VR Headsets any place your people are! The practical assessment can be administered by nearly anyone and covers 10 risk domains.

Pre-hire screening
Test a candidate's ability to identify hazards on the construction site BEFORE you deploy them in the field.
Job Site Orientation
Safely and effectively identify and eliminate gaps in your team's knowledge of construction site hazards.
Practice Best Practices
Learn best practices for staging equipment, people, and resources on the job site as well as good house keeping measures to create a safer work environment.
Construction Hazard ID Assessment

10 Risk Domains Assessed

1. Hand Tools
2. Lifting and Rigging
3. Electrical and Lockout/Tagout (LOTO)
4. Environmental Hazards
5. Confined Space and Hot Work
6. Mobile Equipment and Personnel Interface (MEPI) and Excavations
7. Dropped Object Prevention/Protection
8. Fall Prevention/Protection
9. Scaffolding
10. Industrial Hygiene*


*This may include items such as silica dust and noise.
Construction Hazard ID Assessment
Construction Hazard ID

Development & Hardware

In a January survey conducted by ITI, with 184 respondents, 67% of all respondents said that their organization would likely rely on construction safety identification training based on a VR exam, and 75% of managers and owners saw a positive benefit.

Construction Hazard Identification-01


VR Headsets and Controllers

Construction Hazard ID is compatible with the following VR Headsets and Hand Controllers:

- HTC Vive Focus Plus & Vive Focus 3

- Oculus Quest 1 & Quest 2

- Oculus Rift & Rift-S

- Oculus Go

Construction Hazard ID

Use Cases

The 30-minute training module has the learner navigate various construction areas containing hazards, marking any hazards he/she identifies. Before the learner leaves an area, the program will review the hazards present in the area and analyze if any were missed or misidentified. The learner will be shown what should be identified, and what may have been misidentified as a hazard.

Virtual Construction Worksite


Tour the job site now for free! The preview is browser-based so all you need is an internet connection.