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Industrial Training International Jun 10, 2022 7:45:00 AM 2 min read

Time to Test Your Rigging Knowledge Again with an ITI Training Quiz

School may almost be out for the kids, but for those of us in the rigging and lifting industry, class is always in session! We have another chance for you and your team to test your rigging knowledge. This time we've got questions running the gamut from sling inspection criteria to coefficients of friction.

As always, if you find this quiz to be more difficult than you'd like, come train with us and brush up your skills! We've got upcoming training center courses as well as online course options via the ITI Learning Hub. Whatever your training needs, we can help!

  1. Which of the following is NOT a removal from service criteria when inspecting an alloy chain sling? 
    a. Weld Spatter 
    b. Heated above 200°F 
    c. Evidence of stretch
    d. Bent or deformed grab-hook 
  2. Which of the following has the highest coefficient of friction? 
    a. Wood on concrete 
    b. Wood on metal
    c. Steel on steel 
    d. Metal on concrete 

  3. How many broken wires are acceptable when inspecting a wire rope sling? (one part body slings) 
    a. 10 per lay, 5 in one strand in one lay 
    b. 20 per lay, 10 in one strand in one lay
    c. 5 per lay, 3 in one strand in one lay 
    d. 12 per lay, 6 in one strand in one lay 
  4. Which of these hitch types offers the greatest capacity? 
    a. choker
    b. Double Wrap Choker
    c. Vertical
    d. Basket
  5. Which type of shackle is preferred for long-term installations?
    a. Screw Pin Anchor
    b. Flat Shackles
    c. Nut, Bolt, Cotter Key
    d. Wide Body
  6. Which angle from horizontal will produce the least tension in a sling leg? 
    a. 90 degrees 
    b. 60 degrees
    c. 45 degrees 
    d. 30 degrees 
  7. Who is allowed to give the emergency stop signal? 
    a. Only the signalperson
    b. Only the tag line person
    c. Anyone who supervises the crane operator
    d. Anyone on the jobsite
  8. Which mobile crane hand signal is shown in the photo?
    a. Hoist
    b. Raise Boom
    c. Lower Load
    d. Good to go



  9.  What is the maximum allowable fully included angle for a master link? 
    a. 45 degree 
    b. 90 degree 
    c. 120 degree 
    d. 180 degree 
  10.  True or false: A synthetic round sling must be removed from service if the outer jacket is torn, even if the internal core yarns are unharmed.  
    a. True 
    b. False 

Answer Key Below: 

1. b) Heated above 200°F 

2. d) Metal on concrete

3. a) 10 per lay, 5 in one strand in one lay

4. d) Basket

5. c) Nut, Bolt, Cotter Key

6. a) 90 degrees

7. d) Anyone on the jobsite

8. b) Raise boom

9. c) 120 degree

10. a) True



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