Headquartered in Woodland, Washington our office staff is a support team for the entire organization including our trainers who are in the field every week instructing and consulting with clients.


Training & Field Services - USA

John Bartlett - Instructor 

Devon Beasley - Senior Instructor & Consultant

Jim Cox - Senior Instructor & Consultant

Jay Dyson - Instructor & Manager of Facilities and Equipment

Michael Johnson - Instructor

Amanda Jordan - Instructor & Regional Director, Houston

Joe Kuzar - Assistant Technical Director, Trainer & Consultant

Mike Parnell - Technical Director & CEO 

Jackie Pickett - Instructor & Consultant

Bob Schumacher - Senior Instructor & Consultant

Efren Solis - Instructor & Consultant

Training & Field Services - Canada

Richard Marcotte - Instructor & Consultant

Training & Field Services - Latin America

Fernando Ferraz, PE - Managing Director, ITI Latin America & Instructor

Alberto Rocha, PE - Instructor


Jennifer Boon - Training Center Coordinator

Judy Chenoweth - Field Services Manager

Brandy Delp - Training Solutions Advisor

Tammy Dunn - Product Manager, ITI Online

Rosa Gutierrez - Office Manger, Houston

Valerie Hayes - Training Solutions Advisor

John Hellums - Training Solutions Advisor

Jonah Hobson - Director of Customer Success

Karolyn Knott - Bookstore Associate

Christina Lanham - Director of Operations

Christy McGraw - Training Solutions Advisor

Kim McPhee - Logistics Analyst 

Justin Meade - General Manager, Houston

Michael Montaine - Graphics | Media | Design

Darlene Parnell - Executive Vice President & CFO 

Zack Parnell - President

Kassie Sanchez - Client Services Associate

Elizabeth Spannring - Client Services Associate

Caleb Steinborn - Product Manager, VR

Scott Stewart - Training Solutions Manager

Grant Winters - Training Center Manager