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Overhauling Crane & Rigging Simulation with VR

ITI VR First Look

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Incomparable User Experience


Subscription Model with Low Capital Costs

Free Library Updates, LMS & Support


ITI VR Overview

ITI is very excited to be bringing our customers a new generation of simulation for crane and rigging activities. Our approach focuses on three keys for your success:

  • User Experience - Virtual Reality is an incredible tech leap and improvement over legacy screen-simulator systems.
  • Subscription Model - Hardware is sold at the costs of goods and you pay for access to the growing library of content.
  • Free Updates - We will continuously add new crane models, rigging challenges, and equipment types at no cost to our customers.

Got VR?

Compared to legacy, screen-simulators, in Virtual Reality (VR) the entire visual experience lay 2 inches from your eyes delivering insane user experience and insane reduction in hardware costs - no more screens!

Mobile Cranes & More

  • Mobile Crane Simulators
  • Aerial Work Platform Simulators
  • Overhead Crane Simulators
  • Pedestal Crane Simulators

LMS, Library, Support & Training

Integrate student outcomes with your learning management system enabling your employee training paths to include practical VR training, candidate screening, operator qualification, and track in-depth operator metrics. Additionally, all course and library updates like new crane types are completely free.


Try out ITI VR at one of the following exhibits in Las Vegas at ConExpo:
  • ITI Booth: ITI VR Mobile Crane Simulator & ITI VR Aerial Work Platform Simulator
  • NCCCO Booth: ITI VR Mobile Crane Simulator
  • Tadano Booth: ITI VR Mobile Crane Simulator

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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  • Is this the right training tool for my team?
  • How does it work?

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Tour Dates

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Schedule a demo @ these ITI Training Centers
  • Woodland, WA

  • Edmonton, AB

  • Houston, TX
Industry Events

  • March 7-11, 2017 | Con Expo | Las Vegas, NV
  • April 18, 2017 | SC&RA Annual Conference | Scottsdale, AZ
  • May 3, 2017 | Lifting Gear Hire | Chicago, IL


Hardware Gallery

VR Mobile Crane Simulator Desktop and Motion Base Units

  • MotionBase_SecondDraft_000.jpg
  • TableTop_View_007.jpg
  • MotionBase_SecondDraft_002.jpg
  • TableTop_View_003a.jpg
  • MotionBase_SecondDraft_007.jpg
  • TableTop_View_001.jpg
  • MotionBase_SecondDraft_008.jpg
  • MotionBase_SecondDraft_047.jpg
  • TableTop_View_011.jpg
  • MotionBase_SecondDraft_045.jpg

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