The Why of iti

ITI exists to serve and learn, every day. The same values the company was founded on in 1986, continue to drive us forward today.

We exist to serve and learn, every day.ITI_CGB_Slogan_2017_Print-01.png

ITI was founded by people whose desire was to help others and be good stewards of their gifts. Our founder became an Eagle Scout at the age of 14 - a rigorous feat that typical 18-year-old candidates struggle to attain. The tenacity to achieve, work hard, and the desire to help others has formed a company that has continuously exhausted all efforts to lead the world in training skills and providing quality services in order to save lives and improve the industrial activities of the employers we serve.


To be the world's foremost provider of educational and technical services for those who use cranes, rigging, and load handling equipment.


We care deeply about getting a few things right in our vocation. All of the things we care about aim to serve our customers and learn everyday. Our culture can be defined by the following values, principles and beliefs.

  • We will have hearts of a servant.
  • We are life-long learners.
  • We are a high-performing team.
  • We believe that hard work is good, and the reward for hard work, is more work.
  • We will have Integrity and radical transparency.
  • We tap dance to work.
  • Growth is the only option.
  • We highly value innovation, agility and flexibility.
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