Accident Investigation training

ITI Accident Investigation: Cranes, rigging, and material Handling Operations

2.4 CEUs | 3 Days | $1,995

The AI (Accident Investigation) Course begins with a series of workshops that focus on three disciplines related to load handling; crane operations, rigging activities and forklift operations. Problem-solving workshops help solidify participants' understanding and knowledge concerning equipment set-up, proper application, capacity information, inspection, hazard recognition and operational safety. 

Participants will then be exposed to three full-sized accident sites. Each site is accompanied by a document packet complete with eye witness accounts, sheriff's report, machine/equipment data, and other vital information. Teams will evaluate the sites and document packet, then formulate a 'root cause' summary based on the facts and their findings. Additionally, the team will compile a list of possible violations and propose a recommended corrective action plan.

Course Subjects

  • Understanding Equipment Operations
  • Federal, State, Provincial Regulations and Standards
  • Operator/Rigger Assignments & Performance
  • Fact vs. Fiction
  • Leading Cause Identification
  • Violations of Corporate and Jurisdictional Requirements
  • Corrective Action Plan
  • Applicable federal, state, and/or provincial regulations and ASME standards
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