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Mike Parnell Mar 26, 2010 6:04:00 AM 1 min read

5 Tips for Rigging to Positive Connections

During a rigging job it is important to decide the best rigging method which provides good load control and ensures success throughout the lift. Here are five tips to rig a load to positive connections. All of which are acceptable, though some are more preferred than others. 
  1. Use existing hard points on the load and connect shackles/slings to them.
  2. Create rigging points on the load by attaching swivel hoist rings at locations suitable for lifting.
  3. Apply choker or basket hitches at "stopper points" which prevent the slings from sliding along the load's structure.
  4. Using a spreader bar with choker or basket hitches can help take away the "angle" that can cause a sling to slide and fail along the load's edge.
  5. Rig choker or basket hitches at angles above 60 degrees, and rig them by double wrapping and use high friction material between the sling and load to help make them "stick".
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