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Katie Regan Sep 9, 2020 10:57:19 AM 1 min read

Learn Why Accidents Happen and How to Avoid Them: ITI Accident Investigation Course

We all know that accidents happen. When it comes to load handling, accidents cost time, money, and worse. During ITI's Accident Investigation course, we take students through a series of workshops over the course of three days, focusing on instances related to material handling, crane operations, rigging activities, and forklift operations. Our problem-solving workshops are designed to help solidify participants' knowledge of equipment set-up, proper application, capacity information, inspection hazard recognition, and operational safety.

Accident Investigation students are exposed to three full-sized accident sites at the Woodland, Washington Training Center. Each site is accompanied by a resource packet that includes:

  • Eye Witness Accounts
  • Report from Local Emergency Personnel
  • Machine and Equipment Data

Participants will work in teams to evaluate each accident site along with the additional resources provided to formulate a root cause summary based on their findings. Under guidance from ITI Instructors, teams will also be tasked with citing regulatory violations, and finally, propose a recommended corrective action plan.

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