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Kim McPhee Jul 31, 2019 8:34:00 AM 2 min read

Is a "Good Crane Fail" a Real Thing?

The Scenario

You’re on your last lift of the day and your signalperson gives you the hoist signal. You start your pick and follow his signals around when suddenly something seems out of place. The signalperson begins to yell, and you finally see it – your outrigger has started to fail! You curse yourself for not double checking the settings from the previous shift operator; he is an experienced operator after all...

Your mind continues to race and urgently search for your next course of action, but it’s your first failure experience and in the time it takes to make your decision, the crane begins to tip. You scan the area to ensure personnel have cleared and brace for impact. Suddenly your line of sight goes black and you can breathe again, you’ve failed the scenario...


The Explanation

Virtual reality (VR) simulator training provides for this type of on-the job training with real life scenarios in an environment that allows the user to walk away safely at the end of the session. It permits repetitive practice and exposure to high-risk situations that create unprecedented ability to develop skills that otherwise take years of hands-on experience to acquire. This capability, incorporated into a training program, make for an unparalleled employee safety and development package.

The Stats

Acceptance: 69% of companies think VR/AR will become mainstream within 5 years (91% within 10 years) but only 29% are actively planning or implementing. (Jabil, 2019).

Retention: The average person retains 75% of what they learn from practice, compared to only 30% retention via a demonstration. Incredibly, the average retention level goes down to 5% from lecture based teaching. (Education Corner, 2019).

Recall: If you’ve experienced a situation or made a mistake before your brain’s early warning signal is triggered before conscious consideration has even begun. (LiveScience, 2007). 


The Solution

ITI VR Crane Simulations provide over 1,000 scenarios and 7 crane types within its crane training simulator with ongoing development of several new crane types and scenarios at a cost and quality that’s unrivaled by competitors. Software and hardware packages are tailored to customer needs; pay for what you need, not what you don’t. With over 30 years of industry leading experience in the crane, rigging and lift planning training arena, ITI is able to provide in-depth administrator training to help maximize your return on any training investment.


To learn more about the ITI VR Crane Simulator and the companies who trust their training to ITI VR check out some Community Success Stories, or find out for yourself by setting up a demo!