ITI Announces Move to Fully-Back NCCCO Certification Programs


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ITI Announces Move to Fully-Endorse Certification Programs of NCCCO

Industrial Training International (, a world leader in crane, rigging, and lifting educational services, has announced that it will fully endorse the national certification programs offered by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO), and will prepare candidates for certification examinations at its training centers and at client locations.

Over the past three years, ITI has completed more than 1,000 nationally-accredited certifications with its customers in crane operations, rigging, and signaling, between both Crane Institute Certification (CIC) and NCCCO certification programs. As of January 1, 2015, the organization will be exclusively recommending the NCCCO certification programs to its customers.

Zack Parnell, Vice President & COO of ITI commented on the major shift, "Considering the growth plans we have for our organization, we believe that at this point in time, and for the foreseeable future, no other certification body is better positioned to bring to our customers domestically and abroad."

ITI has initially applied for the approval of its training centers in Woodland, Washington, Memphis, Tennessee, and Edmonton, Alberta as NCCCO exam sites. The organization has plans to also gain approval to conduct testing at its center in Rio de Janeiro, and at its regional centers in Alaska and California.

Additionally, ITI will certify 14 of its instructors in the USA, Canada, and Brazil, in various certifications and "practical examiner" statuses depending on their skillsets and client demands.

ITI employees have served in volunteer capacities on the NCCCO Rigging Task Force. Its Woodland, Washington and Birmingham, Alabama locations have also served as practical exam sites over the past two decades.

Joseph Kuzar, Assistant Training Manager at ITI, will serve as the corporate delegate to NCCCO and be the liaison between the two organizations. Mr. Kuzar has been a full-time instructor with ITI since 2012 and is based in Virginia.

Course and certification combinations at ITI Training Centers will be incorporated over the next two years beginning with NCCCO Signalperson, Rigger Level I, Rigger Level II. This will be followed by Lift Director, Mobile Crane Inspector, and other certifications.  

Mr. Parnell commented on the nature of ITI's courses and how they interact with certification, "Our customers demand us to provide world-leading crane, rigging, and lifting education through hands-on training and challenging, interactive classroom sessions. Our courses are not designed for test-preparation; the instructional design is focused on skills-building and retention through tactile, experiential learning. However, our team has been very successful incorporating certification exams around our highly-demanded courses, giving our customers the option to qualify their skills with nationally-accredited certification programs."

ITI plans to offer NCCCO Signalperson, Rigger Level I and Rigger Level II exams following its Master Rigger programs offered at its Training Centers. Additional course/certification combinations will exist at training centers, as well, ITI will be recommending to all of its customers to have their sites approved for NCCCO certification exams if they require nationally-accredited certifications.

Learn about other NCCCO Certification and course combinations in the 2015 Training Catalog. The newest edition of the Training Catalog also includes:

2015 TC

  • Table of Contents with Course Location Availability 
    Find what page your course is on, and also see where that course is offered: ITI Training Centers in Washington, Tennessee, Alberta or even at Your Facility.
  • Course Descriptions 
    Learn about specific course subjects and learning objectives. Understand how the change to NCCCO Certification will affect prep courses.
  • Same-Week Partnered Programs 
    These boxes illustrate how you can complete multiple courses in the same week while you are at our training centers.
  • Courses by Date 
    This information will not be on the actual course description page, but in the back of the catalog.
  • Courses by Training Center
    A break-down of course listings per ITI Training Center.


For more information, please contact Jonah Hobson at or 1-800-727.6355.

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