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Industrial Training International Nov 20, 2017 8:16:22 AM < 1 min read

New OSHA checklist for Shipboard Pedestal Crane Safety

Be sure to review the new OSHA checklist & fact sheet before your next lift with a vessel-mounted pedestal crane.



Commercial fishing operations use pedestal cranes regularly, often
in harsh and unpredictable environmental conditions, to unload
catches, products, and supplies. Failures of vessel-mounted pedestal
cranes due to inadequate maintenance, unapproved modifications,
improper use, lack of training, and improper inspections have caused
injuries and fatalities on and around commercial fishing vessels.
These incidents are often caused by failed components such as
masts, booms and lift cables. Employers should develop a detailed
crane safety plan, which ensures that operators are trained, cranes
are certifed, and that operations are performed in line with the
manufacturer’s guidelines and industry best practices.

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