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Katie ReganMay 22, 2024 7:55:52 AM3 min read

Overhead Crane Outdoor Environment Highlights Latest ITI VR Crane Simulator Update

We are pleased to announce the latest update to the ITI VR Crane Sim: Version 2.3. This update brings a host of new features, improved navigation settings, outdoor training scenarios, and bug fixes designed to enhance your training experience. Here's a detailed look at what's new:

Launcher 2.3 Enhancements

Create Custom Learning Paths

  • Administrators can now create, edit, or duplicate custom learning paths using the Launcher.
  • Local administrators can group scenarios into chapters and arrange them in any desired order.
  • Assign learning paths to specific users and/or user roles.
  • Modify scenario completion times to better fit training schedules.

Sim update 2.3 new course 2

sim 2.3 update new learning path

Improved Reporting Features

  • Added “Role” and “Group” fields to the Reports tab for more refined filtering and report generation.
  • New reminder on login for users to set a security question, enabling password resets without administrator intervention.
  • Ensuring users can reset their passwords independently if forgotten.

Screenshot 2024-05-17 120020

Simplified Crane Options

  • Consolidated Liebherr LR1300SX cranes into a single option on the Home tab with a configuration drop-down menu.
  • Overhead cranes also consolidated into a single option with a configuration drop-down menu.

Built-In Hardware Troubleshooting Guides

  • Step-by-step guides are now available on the Home tab to assist users with restoring hardware connections as needed.

Settings and User Management

  • Admins can now create custom “Groups” to better organize users.
  • Users can be assigned to Groups on the Users tab, facilitating improved report filtering.
  • New “Role” drop-down to define each user’s role within the company.
  • Enhanced user filtering by role, group, admin status, and activity.

Email Reporting

  • Support for emailing up to 5 Crane Sim reports simultaneously (internet connection required).

Updated Menu Icons

  • Refreshed menu icons for a more consistent user experience, including new icons for License, Reports, and Learning Paths.

Crane Sim 1.14 Updates

New Outdoor Environment

outdoor environment

  • Introduced an outdoor option for the Overhead Crane 75/300 Ton.
  • Operate 75 Ton and 300 Ton cranes outdoors with control over time of day, wind, and cloud conditions.
  • Both cranes configured for operation with a shorter 40-foot bridge height.

New Lifting Device and Scenarios

sim slabs

  • Hydraulic Slab Tongs for lifting steel slabs and loading them onto a rail car.
  • New scenarios specifically designed for the 300 Ton Overhead Crane in outdoor environments.

Updated J-Hook Orientation

  • Added new scenarios with J-hooks rotated 180 degrees, while retaining the original lifting attachment configurations.

User Switching and View Re-Centering

  • Users can switch accounts from the Main Menu without shutting down Crane Sim.
  • Re-center user view in the VR headset using crane controllers, accessible from both the Main Menu and within scenarios.
  • The “Enter” key remains an alternative method for re-centering the user’s view.

Scenario Adjustments Based on User Feedback

  • Increased steel coil opening size for C-hook lifts from 21” to 30” to better match field conditions.
  • Added stopwatch functionality for magnet scenarios.

Bug Fixes 🐜🐛🐞

  • Base tutorial now shows as complete on reports when the scenario is finished as instructed.
  • Adjusted load position for Conex Box 3 lift to prevent going out of chart.
  • Adjusted tolerance for the set-down point in the I-Beam 2 scenario.


We hope these updates enhance your training experience and make the ITI VR Crane Sim an even more powerful tool for your team. Thank you for your continued support and feedback!

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