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Mike Parnell Feb 24, 2011 9:47:00 AM < 1 min read

Rigging Crossword Puzzle

A sincere "Thank You" to our steadfast readers and supporters, who over the years have been entertained by the Professional Rigger. We thought that a fun way to kick off the year would be with a crane and rigging-oriented crossword puzzle. Thanks for letting us test your rigging brain cells.

(This puzzle is part of Mike's Rigging Mysteries, available through from the ITI Bookstore). Enjoy! Answers below.

rigging crossword


Happy trails to all my crane and rigging friends,
Mike Parnell
ITI-Field Services

P.S.  This article was originally published in The Professional Rigger Newsletter - Rigging Crossword Puzzle.










20 1 Rigging Crossword Puzzle ANSWERS