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Rigging engineering Training Quiz

Test and grow your skill and knowledge level with this series of rigging engineering training questions. Don't worry about getting questions wrong, uncovering skill and knowledge gaps (and strengths!) via a "TestΒ»TrainΒ»Assess" model allows you to make the most of your precious training time. Choose the BEST answer for each question below.

(Answers provided below the last quiz question)


1. Which of the following applications is most likely to be a candidate for using a telescoping hydraulic gantry system as an alternative to a crane?

A. Assembly of a container handling crane on a dock side

B. Upending a 200 ton (182t), 118' (36m) high chemical vessel in a refinery

C. Installation of a 150 ton (136t) generator in a Turbine Hall at a power station

D. Handling steel deliveries from conventional transport in an open lay down yard

2. An equipment type that closely overlaps the scope of application of a telescoping gantry system is a ____________.

A. Portal crane

B. Push up jacking system

C. Tower Crane

D. 1000 ton strand jack mast system

3. A strand jack system typically has a design factor of __________.

A. 5.0

B. 3.5

C. 2.5

D. 1.5

4. When uprighting a vessel with strand jacks on a mast system, the out-of-plumbness of the top end of the load (e.g., 5 feet) is most significant when the vessel is near the _________ of the mast structure.

A. Top

B. Mid-point

C. Bottom

5. Deadmen used to secure a guyed mast system for strand jacks must be able to resist __________.

A. Horizontal and uplift forces

B. Downward and uplift forces

C. Horizontal and downward forces

D. Downward forces

6. When using 2 pump controlled hydraulic jacks in unison to raise the end or side of a load, which is NOT a critical consideration?

A. Jack manufacturer

B. Load spreading for the jack base

C. Sufficient jack rated capacity

D. Solid jack-to-load contact surface

7. The jacks used with a gripper jack system are _____________ type.

A. Single acting

B. Straight flow

C. Double acting

D. Double check valve


1. C 2. B 3. C 4. A 5. A 6. A 7. C

Fundamentals of Rigging Engineering is for personnel who plan and oversee lifting and load handling activities including lift planners, crane & rigging managers, and rigging engineers. 



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