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Mike ParnellJan 19, 2011 10:14:00 AM2 min read

Rigging Inspection Quiz

Test your knowledge of OSHA regulations, ASME standards and manufacturer recommendations for usage.

Synthetic & Roundslings

1. Why would a web sling be rejected from service if it feels hard and plastic in a very localized area?

2. What is the most likely cause of severe bleaching or loss of color in a flat synthetic web sling?

web sling
3. A web sling which has been subjected to severe localized compression best matches a general term known as ________.
web sling

4. Is the cover of a synthetic roundsling load bearing?

5. What is the most common type of load bearing yarn used in a synthetic roundsling?

6. Which sling is not rejectable due to ultraviolet ray degradation; a flat synthetic web sling or a synthetic roundsling?

7. What removal criteria relates to threads separated near the end of an eye to eye web sling?

8. What condition may be present on a chain sling which is described as severe oxidation?

chain slings9. What could cause the chain in a sling to turn brown or blue in color?

10. What is a term that best describes an out of plane hook?

11. On a chain sling tag, what does the acronym DOS stand for?

12. Chain slings must use what type of chain in their assembly?

13. How is reach measured in a chain sling?


Rigging Hardware

shackle14. A shackle that has been hammered into shape describes what manufacturing process?

15. The most common percentage of metal loss on a piece of rigging hardware which would require its removal from service is what amount?

hook16. What rigging hardware item is adjustable in its length by rotating the center body?

17. Shackles should be marked with what three items?


Wire Rope & Wire Rope Slings

riq618. What does the number 36 represent in a 6 x 36 construction type wire rope?

19. What are the two most common liquefied materials used to fabricate a wire rope spelter socket?

20. How many sheaves would be in a crane's traveling block if the crane was reeved in a 12-part line system?

21. What is the broken wire criteria for a wire rope sling?

sling22. What is the term that best describes a rebound in wire rope resulting in severe distortion in the strand and core lay?

23. How many rope diameters must be between sleeves, splices or fittings in an eye to eye wire rope sling?

24. What is the most common damage that can occur to a wire rope on the bottom layer of a drum with multiple layers, such as a mobile crane?

Happy trails to all my crane and rigging friends,
Mike Parnell
ITI-Field Services

P.S.  This article was originally published in The Professional Rigger Newsletter - Rigging Inspection Quiz.



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