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Jennifer Wyman Oct 15, 2020 10:12:04 AM 2 min read

Suspended Personnel Platform Trained User Course Built by ITI & Lifting Technologies Now Available

Industrial Training International's latest online learning course addition to the ITI Learning Hub is the Suspended Personnel Platform Trained User E-learning Course. ITI developed this course in partnership with Lifting Technologies LLC, a leading producer of suspended personnel platforms, or "man baskets". Both ITI and Lifting Technologies are dedicated to safety and productivity and are confident that this course will be an asset to the industry.

Course Learning Objectives

  1. Define common terms  
  2. Identify the components associated with a suspended personnel platform  
  3. Find the applicable standards for reference  
  4. Perform the pre-operational inspection  
  5. Explain the procedural requirements including crane and rigging capacity  SPP3
  6. Demonstrate operational competency and understanding of safety requirements  
  7. Plan and perform a proof test and trial lift  
  8. Perform an inspection, rigging check, and crane check  
  9. Conduct a pre-lift meeting  
  10.  Plan and perform an actual lift  
  11. Conduct a post-lift meeting and post-operational inspectionSPP4

This four-hour online course utilizes substantial video content so learners view and understand the nuances of inspection, testing, and operation of man baskets. This man basket online learning course prepares the student to effectively plan and execute all stages of the lift, including the pre-operational inspection, proof test, trial lift, rigging and crane check, pre-lift meeting, post-lift meeting and post-operational inspection. After successful completion of this course, including a final written exam, the student will be issued a Trained User Certificate.

After course completion, students can complete Field Evaluation Form to be administered by the student’s employer or employer designee. Upon successful completion of the field evaluation, the employer may issue an Authorized User Card to the student which will be provided with the field evaluation form.

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About ITI 

Founded in 1986, ITI is a privately held company headquartered in Woodland, WA. The company specializes in crane, rigging, lift planning, rigging engineering training and technical services via the following delivery methods:

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About Lifting Technologies

Lifting Technologies is a manufacturer of superior quality crane-suspended and forklift man baskets and material platforms. Founded in 1987 with the goal of providing a product to safely lift personnel with a crane, Lifting Technologies moved swiftly in response to new OSHA rules pertaining to man baskets. Learn more about Lifting Technologies innovations at